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Whether you like our O2Amp “Oxy-Iso” for its applications in medical, colorblindness, or sunwear (see below), you’ll be excited to get the technology in Smith frames if you’re one of our first 50 orders starting today.

For a limited time, our Oxy-Iso eyewear will be in Smith frames. …the first 50 orders beginning today.

We’ve been selling our O2Amp eyewear for medical and colorblindness purposes, but — the secret is — I have been wearing our technology for the last year for a different reason altogether. …as sunglasses.

Of our current three eyewear technologies, the Oxy-Iso has for me been the perfect sunglasses. Dark enough for sunny days, but what’s fantastic about it is that it enhances how everyone looks around me in a way that’s frankly a joy. We hadn’t anticipated this — this cosmetic side to our technology. Nor did we figure that one might actually enjoy this enhanced view of people and their emotional skin states. I personally love it!

The Oxy-Iso enhances and isolates perception of variations in the oxygenation of blood just under the skin of those around you, but it blocks perception of variations in the concentration of blood under the skin. People, and their skin, look better both for what the Oxy-Iso amplifies, and for what it blocks. Seeing the enhanced variations in oxygenation mimics, we believe, what younger skin looks like. And seeing less of the variations in the concentration of blood helps diminish perception of skin irregularities. In all, people somehow seem more brilliantly vital and alive, although that’s not doing it justice. (The world also turns out to look great.)

We now have prototype polarized, non-pink, sunglass versions of one of our other technologies, the Oxy-Amp, so it will soon also be a candidate for sunglasses. It is this Oxy-Amp technology that is a strict enhancement to our color vision, enhancing the oxygenation signal by blocking very narrow bands of noise coming from the skin. By shading the sun at these noisy bands, one shades the sun smartly in those bands that actually hinder what color vision is principally for. But, alas, these darker versions of the Oxy-Amp aren’t available quite yet.

But the Oxy-Iso makes a great pair or sunglasses, and is available now. In fact, starting today we have a promotion where the first 50 orders of the Oxy-Iso will be inside Smith frames rather than our usual frames.


Mark Changizi is Director of Human Cognition at 2AI, a managing director of O2Amp, and the author of HARNESSED: How Language and Music Mimicked Nature and Transformed Ape to Man and THE VISION REVOLUTION. He is finishing up his new book, HUMAN 3.0, a novel about our human future, and working on his next non-fiction book, FORCE OF EMOTION.

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