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[For more about our Oxy-Iso and its ability to aid some red-green color-deficients, see this link. Buy them at Amazon.]

  • “This is exciting. I have not been able to see colors my entire life. … They really work. I recommend them.” Cary M. Silverman, MD, ophthalmic surgeon, Eyecare 20:20, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7jJa_MxGaQ

  • “After 20+ years of medical education, I had a healthy skepticism about these glasses. I mean, how can you “cure” color-blindness, my cone cells have a mutation and my brain has learned to adapt. My eyes simply can’t absorb light at those frequencies. But, I was intrigued. As a surgeon, being color blind has not affected me as much as you might think, texture is very important, as is consistency, and I think I rely on those cues all the time. However, I do have a problem telling if something is bile-stained versus just bloody, and dark bloody emesis I could only tell by the smell. But as an art lover, and flower lover, being color blind is just annoying. Not to mention trying to shop at places like J. Crew where all the stupid colors are like, “stone” and “sledge”. What? // Anyway, I bought these on a lark, and OH MY GOD, THEY WORK!!! I only get 1 right on the Ishihara color blindness plate test (red-green and some blue-yellow deficiencies), but with these glasses, I got more than half right! It makes everything brighter and so much more intense! I scrolled through a website of Impressionist paintings and it was incredible! Beautiful!! I can see red flowers on trees now!! I can see the red on birds’ wings!! It’s actually almost overwhelming, I don’t wear them very often because it makes me a little sad that I’ve lived 44 years with a muted palette. I haven’t tried them in the OR yet, but I’m on call Wednesday… Makes me wish I’d invented or invested.” Dr. Marie Crandall, Associate Professor of Surgery, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

  • “I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed using your eyewear, especially the Oxy-Iso glasses. I now use them in all of my leg vein procedures. Being color blind makes finding deeper (reticular) cutaneous veins a challenge; the Oxy-Iso eyewear makes them much easier to see. … We actually have the Christie Vein Viewer (one of the IR devices) in our office… Although it is a very cool product, it does markedly alter the appearance of veins and the treatment process itself. While I haven’t used the IR device much for sclerotherapy, I use my Oxy-Iso’s every single time. … I can’t live without my O2amps.” Daniel Friedmann, MD, Cosmetic Dermatologic Surgery

  • “Currently, I occasionally try them during orthopedic surgeries, but mostly during speys and castrations. Some of the pregnant or recently pregnant dogs/cats (especially cats) have large networks of enlarged superficial vasculature just beneath the skin, and the glasses can be beneficial in identifying and avoiding these during the initial incision.” Dr. Aaron Raney, color-deficient veterinarian

  • “I’ve just received a couple of special specs to attempt to reduce my colour blindness, from Mark Changizi and O2Amp. When I first put one of them on, I got a shiver of excitement at how vibrant and red lips, clothes and other objects around me seemed. I’ve just done a quick 8 plate Ishihara colour blindness test. I scored 0/8 without the specs (so obviously colour blind), but 8/8 with them on (normal colour vision)!” Daniel Bor, psychologist, University of Sussex, author, The Ravenous Brain.

  • “I tested the glasses on a r-g deficient patient and he was amazed.” Dr. Jeff Sciberras, Optometrist

  • “I found the red one to be useful (or, at least, the one that my wife tells me is red!). It makes many colors more vivid, although what looks white without them has just the slightest tinge of pink through the lens. Compared to the other two, it’s much closer to what I have imagined that “normal” people see, and the colors match up with what I’m told they are.” Russell Belding

  • “Your O2Amp glasses just nearly eliminated my wife’s color blindness! It was incredible to watch her take those tests.” Samuel Arbesman, scientist, author of Half-Life of Facts, writer for WIRED

  • “…the oxy-iso lens blew me away. All of a sudden, the numbers just appeared on the screen!” Debra Miller Arbesman.

  • “Words can’t express how it feels…” Bruce Berls, “Amazing! Oxy-Iso Glasses Cure Red-Green Colorblindness.

  • “Putting on the Oxy-Iso lenses is almost scary as it reveals clear and intentional color differences that I could not see at all. It reveals something everyone sees but me.” Luke Harrington

  • “This is a life-changing product! For 73 years I have been seriously handicapped by red-green colour blindness. I can now read all the Ishihara tests with ease and can see blossoms on the trees for the first time! Thank you very much.” David A.

  • “While the Oxy-Iso glasses don’t magically grant me normal sight, they *do* create a new visual palette that contains much more information about the reds and greens of the world than I can normally see. The cost of this enhancement is a reduction in the fidelity of pure whites, yellows and blues, and an overall darker scene. To paraphrase 2AI Labs, the glasses distribute the confusion so it’s less focused on the red-green. That being said, with good lighting the Oxy-Iso allowed me to successfully complete the Ishihara plate test at nearly 100% accuracy, where before I always failed it in spectacular fashion. Walking around outside, I noticed color differences that I’d never seen before.” Ryan Yokley

    “I bought these as a gift for a friend of mine. He is a 50 year old man who has been colour blind all his life. He loves the glasses and wears them all the time especially for driving as he he says the colour enhancement is amazing. As a man myself, I am bordering colour blind and cannot pass the Ishihara colour blind test. When the lenses were delivered here I tried them myself and passed hte test easily. So I would recommend them. For reference the lenses are quite thick and would not be easy to break by children.” Stephen J.

  • “They’re not the cure-all for color deficiency, but they make color vision better.” Kenneth Baratto, September 30, 2013

  • “I’m using some of your lenses to differentiate between colours in A-level chemistry as I’m colourblind, they work!” Alastair Paterson

  • “I have just received the glasses I ordered and I am pleased to say there is a definite improvement in my colour vision.” Keith Rogan

  • “I have received the Oxy-Iso. (speechless) WOW! This is the first time I can go through the Ishihara test without feeling like an idiot. I went through it with my colleagues and they said I looked like a child opening Christmas presents. Hahaha! Reds scream at you! The contrast with the greens is truly remarkable. My colleagues where impressed by how veins stand out, it is really something big. Every day I find new things, it’s like having a new pair of eyes. Thanks, Mark. Truly remarkable. Congratulations! Great job!” Dr. Matias Nochetto

  • “I wanted to send you a sincere, heart-felt thank you for your work on the O2AMP Oxy-Iso lenses. My boyfriend is red-green colorblind, and after 30 years he is now able to see the rosiness of his niece’s cheeks, the shades of red brick on the streets of Boston, and a full spectrum of colors which he has never experienced. He received the lenses yesterday and he has not taken them off aside from when he slept. Again, thank you so very, very much.” Katie Ireson

  • “These glasses are indeed incredible. For years I thought that I was stupid until I realised in my 20s that I was colour blind. When I got the glasses, I immediately tried the Ishihara test, and got 100%. I can appreciate so much colour contrast that before I just had to take on trust. Everything seems so much clearer; it is as if I have turned on the contrast button. I realise that the glasses were not developed as a ‘cure’ for colour blindness and so they are not marketed in the UK- but they are little short of miraculous. Well done!!!” Chris Finch, Sept 30, 2013

  • “Thrilled I did a Ishihara test. Wonderful! I think it was a good buy.” Mauro Farbene

  • “A quick scan of the real world and yes there seems to be something to this. The evergreen trees definitely popped more green than the brown grass and leaves. It will not revolutionize my life, but I look forward to carrying one of these lenses in my bag to use whenever I go clothes shopping or similar.” Neckbeard.ca

  • “My first word when I put on the glasses: “Wow!” I’ve since used that word many, many times. On a 38 plate Ishihara test for red-green colorblindness I scored 50% without the glasses and 100% with them! Before these glasses, I had no idea how dull the world looked through my eyes. Reds really pop. So do blues. I knew that I didn’t have many, if any, green cones so I did not expect much help with greens and, indeed, I only received minimal improvement with greens. I also knew that the glasses would sacrifice yellows and whites and, indeed, they are darker for me with the glasses. I have worn the glasses to see paintings, flowers, television, old photos, and I even stopped in a paint store to see the phenomenal change in color swatches.” Mark S. Kramer (San Diego)

  • “I wanted to send you a sincere, heart-felt thank you for your work on the O2AMP Oxy-Iso lenses. My boyfriend is red-green colorblind, and after 30 years he is now able to see the rosiness of his niece’s cheeks, the shades of red brick on the streets of Boston, and a full spectrum of colors which he has never experienced. He received the lenses yesterday and he has not taken them off aside from when he slept.” Iris K.

  • “I can add that as I have had these on more I discovered that I can now play all of those color based tetris like games that I always screwed up before. Recognizing that red’s are actually lighter than I knew was a real revelation as well. Please dont hesitate ..these glasses bring a new level of color to those who otherwise wouldn’t have the chance.” Bobby J. (Florida)

  • “If your on the fence about these, let me just say that I can honestly say these work, although to the degree of the users ailment will determine the final result, for me, being hopelessly colorblind I can differentiate colors, the reds jump into out, I still fail the tests but I couldn’t care less because I can see the difference in colors now.” David Coates (Columbus)

  • “My son saw colors for the first time! He is like a kid with a new & important toy! It is like a miracle. Thank you.” Sandra (New Orleans)

  • “I had to try them, working in the Dental field, colors are very important in many aspects of my practice. They vary from instruments identification, diagnosis of the oral cavity, and many other aspects. I went from the muted colors that I was used to all my life, to what I perceive as a more bold, and brighter red and greens. To me the darker red shades, like maroons and burgandy colors are more lighter with the oxy-iso on. I went from not seeing any numbers on the online color blindness tests, to seeing most of them. It has been stated that there may be some limitations of these online test due to screen settings and ambient light. But going from seeing nothing to almost all of them is truly remarkable to me.” DKH (Glen Cove)

  • “Certainly do what I need, to help me fill my job requirements, very happy. Thank you very much O2 amps!” Jean-Guy Sasseville

  • “Without the Oxy-Iso he could “see” by tracing with his finger 4 of the Ishihara plates. After he could see all but 2 of the trickier ones and was able to trace those.” Justin Nyquist

  • “These lenses have reduced my colorblindness tremendously. I hope 2AI Labs can further fine-tune and develop a lens that will not dilute the blues and yellows as much, but the reds and greens are absolutely outstanding! It’s almost eerie being able to see some of these colors for the first time!” Ryan J., May 12, 2013

  • “I have the oxy iso and they are great. 100% score. Fabulous.” Chris

  • “Just received my O2Amp Oxy-Iso glasses. Real colors are weirder than I ever knew! Amazing I am seeing new colors for the first time!” Brian Weston

  • “The glasses work to some extent. They may not be a substitute for perfect color vision but its a good start.” sree60, August 6, 2013

  • “Will recommend to my other friends who has colour deficiency problem like me.” Mohamad R., June 23, 2013

  • “lens actually make a significant difference.” Marek M., June 19, 2013

  • “i realized. all the rainbow color I have been seeing is all bleached out looking rainbow. With this oxy-iso put on, I can see more colors, traffic lights are more clear, sporty looking glasses, I can see the numbers on the color testing board( that book shows number in the colorful circle thing), and best of all, now I can understand why my wife wants hot pink underwear… lol” Jimmy Kim

  • “OMFG! I see red!” Arctic Automaton, Oct 5, 2013

  • “When I first put on the Oxy-Iso glasses I was blow away with red, it was though someone had turned lights on the roses in my back yard and I actually saw some deep red mums on a plant that I thought had not bloomed . I saw pink in the sunset and I can hardly wait for the leafs to change. However, after I was taken by the brightness of the reds is how all shades and values of greens seemed to turn into a muted, kind of ugly almost brown color. My second surprise was the difficulty in telling orange and red from each other. As a painter I will keep the glasses to augment my color mixing to include red and orange shades when needed, however I will take them off to observe the depth of the greens. As a side note I passed every tile in the Ishihara charts (26 out of 26); something I usually get maybe three correct with at least one good (lucky) guess.” AJohn

  • “I use these for work purposes, to see changes in colour for lab tests. They help so much, especially where my main problem is waiting for purple to turn blue. Great product, glad I came across these.” Jeffrey Williams

  • “I have Red Green colorblindness. I used these glasses last night to watch the Movie “OZ the Great and Powerful”. I could not believe all the great colors. I realized last night how much I have really missed over the years. The glasses do not fix everything. I still cannot see the difference between the Yellow and Red on most stop lights. I plan on trying them again in our next movie. I have also started using them when I touch up my photos in PhotoShop. My wife tells me the final results are much better. The price is steep but I can tell you I have enjoyed them.” Golfdude

  • “I can’t say enough about Karen, the General Manager at LensCrafters at Parkway Plaza. I needed a special set of color vision lenses (O2Amp Oxy-Iso; available from Amazon) cut and fitted to frames and she offered to do it. I hadn’t expected LensCrafters to do it because neither the lenses nor the frames were from LensCrafters. She and the staff were as excited as I was about the lenses that allow me to see red and green; everyone had to try them once they were cut! I am so thankful for Karen and her team for doing this. They receive my highest recommendation!” Mark K., Oct 6, 2013

  • “When the glasses arrived he looked at the test plates and couldn’t distinguish the hidden numbers without the glasses. However with the glasses on he could distinguish them all. He has also used them in his college lab work. He is very excited to have them. They were well packaged and as usual arrived very quickly. Highly recommended.” R. Drew, December 12, 2013

  • “Amazing product! I passed the color vision test for the first time… in tears! Wow!” Computer Guy, Dec 6, 2013

  • “P.S. My dad really loves the glasses!” Bill, December 2013

  • “Oh my god! I totally see green!” Miles Baker, December 2013, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9Lqi95R-jk

  • “To me, as a dirt-poor teenager, these were absolutely worth the $277. My world is not “fixed”, but I can find things I’ve never noticed before. I can see things in art that escaped me before. A world of plant life that had escaped my notice, or was simply a pain to focus on, is now much easier for me to view, assuming I have them with me. The first month was the most exciting, of course, but I find myself appreciating them fairly regularly, even more so as we head into the Christmas season.” Swamp Gentleman, December, 2013

  • “I am super happy with these glasses! Love love love them… totally worth the money” Sherri, December 2013

  • “Your amazing lenses have changed my life. Gardens, Art galleries, and even just day-to-day activities are filled with new color experiences. Thank you.” Herbert Connor, chemist, January 2014

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