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  • “I have had no eye-strain after about 4 hours surgery with this glasses. I could see the operation view well, it looks like compensated with Photoshop.” Dr. Kei Nomura, Chief of Center for brain and spine surgery – Aoyama General Hospital

  • “If this saves us from putting in 1 extra PICC line it [which can cost $3k w/ ultrasound] would pay for 10 pair.” Saint Alphonsus Medical Center

  • “I use these glasses and sometimes a vein light from Veinlite to do Sclerotherapy for varicose veins and telangectasias . Since I got the glasses, I find that I can do more treatment of more vessels without the light.” Seth McLaughlin

  • “…students can watch real blood flow, by blocking and squeezing veins, easier than bare eyes. I had ‘wows’ from the students.” Dr. Tohru Murakami, Professor of Anatomy, Gunma University Graduate School of Medicine

  • “I’m the parent of a 3 year old severe haemophiliac and we are learning to do IV infusions at home. For the time being, that means mom and dad are practising vein finding and establishing a port on each other. There is definitely a distinct difference in our vein finding ability with the glasses on: Its a great confidence boost. I find that really bright light improves the effect dramatically. Whereas without the glasses, bright light can have a bleaching effect on the visual field; with the glasses on, veins truly stand out like a road map.” [Kept anonymous.]

  • “I have received the Oxy-Iso. (speechless) WOW! Reds scream at you! The contrast with the greens is truly remarkable. My colleagues where impressed by how veins stand out, it is really something big. Truly remarkable. Congratulations! Great job!” Dr. Matias Nochetto

  • “I have truly integrated them as a 1st line tool for technical professionalism and safe patient care. I have been using your O2 AMP medical optics as I assist, on the average 3 cardiac catheterization procedures a day for over two months now, and they have become an essential tool for visualizing and determining cardiac anatomy as well as any deficiencies. The clarity and magnification they provide is an asset to patient care while reducing eye strain and fatigue. In addition my success with 1st time intravenous therapy insertions has become even more efficient with O2 AMP medical optic’s enhanced visualizations of vein color. Respectfully, Warren Mackey R.N., Boise/Meridian Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, St. Luke’s Health Services”

  • “Used the Iso’s on a gentleman, couldn’t feel on either arm. Was able to really see the basillic vein of the L antecubital. Was a successful draw. Apparently this man was a very hard draw. Patient stated: ‘technology is a beautiful thing.’ He told me he hates having his blood drawn. He left very happy. I feel like I have a little cheat and its wonderful! =D” Tara Roberts, ASCP certified phlebotomy technician at a St Lukes clinic in Boise ID.

  • “…I see a dramatic difference.” Phillip Svehla, Phlebotek

  • “I got the O2 Amps today and what else can I saw other then they are amazing.” Stephen Courson, Nurse, U Miami

  • “…a striking visualization of what lies beneath the skin.” Dr. Barbara Changizi, Director of Neuromodulation, Mt. Sinai Medical Center

  • “…veins were obvious with the dark purple eyewear.” Jason Goldman, developmental psychologist and writer for Scientific American.

  • “I have successfully used the darkest pink glasses to start many difficult IV’s. Once, in an attempt to place a line in a child, only a small circular region of the vein was visible, and so its orientation imperceptible. But with the Oxy glasses, enough of the vein became visible that its orientation could be seen, and the line placed.” Jake Youren, St. Alphonsus Medical Center.

  • “A car accident victim complained in the ER of chest and abdomen pain, and although no bruising was apparent, with the Hemo-Iso glasses one could clearly see the bruised impression of the seat belt on her chest and abdomen.” Jake Youren, St. Alphonsus Medical Center.

  • “The small surface vessels seem to stand out nicely and when doing quick scans for veins it is quite helpful. The darker shade is much more functional in the back of the well lit ambulance and as advertised, the lighter shade is better for all around use.” Dan Ruegsegger, The largest Ambulance / EMS company (AMR)

  • “All the customers noticed that [the Oxy-Iso] eyewear really improves our vision to see the veins. They think it might be very useful for blood withdraw, specially in kids. Also, they noticed that glasses protects a lot the eyes, considering it as personal protection device.” Rodrigo Didario, distributor in Brazil.

  • “The glasses are a great hit with the staff on the Msed mobile hospital unit. During the height of [Hurricane] Sandy, we successfully delivered a preterm baby at 35 weeks in a church. I used the glasses to detect oxygenation as the child came out and it helped prevent intubation knowing that vital information. The story made it to the news as well as the discovery channel which just filmed a documentary on how the innovation and technology of the mobile hospital.” Jason Steinfeld, registered respiratory therapist.

  • “I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed using your eyewear, especially the Oxy-Iso glasses. I now use them in all of my leg vein procedures . Being color blind makes finding deeper (reticular) cutaneous veins a challenge; the Oxy-Iso eyewear makes them much easier to see.” Daniel Friedmann, MD, Cosmetic Dermatologic Surgery

  • “As a surgeon, being color blind has not affected me as much as you might think, texture is very important, as is consistency, and I think I rely on those cues all the time. However, I do have a problem telling if something is bile-stained versus just bloody, and dark bloody emesis I could only tell by the smell. … I bought these on a lark, and OH MY GOD, THEY WORK!!!” Dr. Marie Crandall, Associate Professor of Surgery, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

  • “Currently, I occasionally try them during orthopedic surgeries, but mostly during speys and castrations. Some of the pregnant or recently pregnant dogs/cats (especially cats) have large networks of enlarged superficial vasculature just beneath the skin, and the glasses can be beneficial in identifying and avoiding these during the initial incision.” Dr. Aaron Raney, color-deficient veterinarian

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