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Christine Ottery (that’s not her above) recently interviewed me about bare naked skin and the origins of color vision, and she wrote up her piece in Scientific American. Read it here.

Also, note the “Lady Gaga” connection in the piece. This is not the first time “Lady Gaga” has been all over my research — the words, not the actual woman. She also comes up in a story about my research on the origins of music, which you can read here at Gaga-galore.

Let’s keep up the pressure, and perhaps Lady Gaga will hire me as her scientific aesthetics advisor…


Mark Changizi is Director of Human Cognition at 2AI, and the author of The Vision Revolution (Benbella Books) and the upcoming book Harnessed: How Language and Music Mimicked Nature and Transformed Ape to Man (Benbella Books). He is working on his fourth book at the moment, tentatively titled Making Faces, about emotions and facial expressions.


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